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WiFi Range Amplifier

Achieving the best wireless network coverage for your weather devices, home automation or office using only a single wireless router is quite a challenging. Find if the TP-LINK RE210 AC750 can solve your problems.

The notions of gesture based systems are usually associated with gaming accessories such as Microsoft Kinect or computers with modules such as Leap Motion. But Google ATAP team found that users of smart watches need

Contents Introduction The home we live the air we breath Interior air pollution Sources of formaldehyde How to reduce exposure Protection In recent years I have established an understanding of many...

Today we  will discuss a few weather radar basics and weather radar websites. So, why is the Doppler radar important? Without it, meteorologists would not...

The rain gauge is a meteorological instrument for measuring the amount of precipitation fallen during a given time interval at a certain location.
Stevenson screen

Meteorology means above all collecting accurate weather data. This is a list of most commonly used tools for measuring atmospheric conditions.
Elephants Africa

Populations of some of the largest wild animals in the world has decreased, which increases the threat of an "empty landscape".. About 60% of the...
IBM and The Weather Channel Partnership

The Weather Company (WSI) will integrate their weather data with IBM, after a new partnership announcement.

The infographics bellow shows the nature of water consumption and water sources in the state of California and how it will be affected by snow.

For the first time in the history of California the Governor has introduced mandatory water restrictions. Jerry Brown ordered to communities and farmers to reduce consumption by 25%.

The extensive system of currents in the Atlantic Ocean, bringing warmth to Europe and transferring cold waters to the equator, has slowed in past couple of decades.
China air polution

Climate change could have a "huge impact" on China; it will reduce the grain harvest and also will have negative consequences on the environment.
Netatmo Urban Weather Station

The modern world offers many ways for accurate determination of the weather - there are thermometers of different calibers, detailed TV forecasts, Internet sites and special applications, numerous barometers and other gadgets that...
Climate chanage movies

We thought today we could share this list of 5 movies that talk about the climate, pollution environmentalism, and the changing Earth.

Today, Northern Europe and the UK saw the biggest solar eclipse of several years. Moon took the solar disk just before 8 Am Greenwich Mean Time
Wild bees

Almost 10% of the total 2000 European species of wild bees are threatened with extinction, according to a new scientific study published on March 19, 2015
Amazon forest

The ability of the Amazon rainforest to absorb greenhouse gases from the air has sharply decreased, according to a new scientific study published by...
Tips about buying home weather station

A personal home weather station (PWS) is a group of instrument that you can assemble to acquire accurate weather data within you current location. The weather data is collection by a group of sensors called – ISS (Integrated Sensor Suite).

Emergency weather radio is an essential part of any emergency kit. Its main purpose is the keep you informed by getting first hand information...
Coastal Floods and Global Warming

According to scientist the West Antarctica Ice Sheet has so much water to cause a rise between a 3 and 4 meters in global ocean and flooding heavily populate coast cities.
AcuRite Weather Stations

From weather stations to indoor-outdoor thermometers and sensors, AcuRite products are widely recognized for their quality and user friendly design. AcuRite offers variety of...


FLIR Scout PS32 320x240 monocular

Now you have the freedom to explore nature at night like never before introducing the powerful new Scout PS series compact thermal hand-held camera....
IRO - Irrigation Controller

The IRO is a smart irrigation controller that eliminates all the uncertainties associated with the traditional irrigation controllers. The IRO is an intelligent network based...
Amaryllo iSensor HD

The iSensor HD is a small pannable IP camera developed by the Dutch based company Amaryllo. The camera can be controlled remotely by your...
Foobot – Air Quality Monitoring Device

We breather five times than we eat and truth be told, most of the air we breathe is “junk”: indoor air is in average...
Thermodo - mobile device thermometer

We like tiny cool gadgets and Thermodo is one of them. If you want a compact temperature sensor that you can put on your...