• In Search For The Top Home Weather Station

    Have you ever wondered why the local weather report was predicting sunny and calm weather, and rain was knocking on your window. The main reason for that is that weather updates depend heavily on location and equipment. That’s why the meteorological

  • 2014 Was the Hottest Year on Record

    The finding was announced today in a new report from NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York. Each year the institute produces a global temperature analysis using readings from weather stations around the world.

  • New Weather Technology for Storm Tracking Available in Hawaii

    The new higher resolution will provide a look at Hawaii’s weather that we've never seen before. If you want the best in weather forecasting and modeling... Look no further than the

  • How to Connect Your Weather Station to Bureau's Weather Observations Website

    This is a short guide form the Bureau's Weather Observations Website - or WOW for short. WOW is online weather community in Australia where everyone can share information and photos about the weather. There are many ways to be part of the WOW community.

  • NASA Video on Greenald 3D Ice Mapping

    Looking at the ice sheet is like looking back in time. With each layer scientists at NASA are getting records of not only snowfall and melting events, but the Earth’s climate status at the dawn of civilization.

  • Deep Space Climate Observatory Satellite

    Sitting nearly 93 million miles from Earth, the Sun is the focal point of our solar system with each planet and their moons orbiting around it. Even at this great distance, the Sun's spectacular energy can pose significant risks in our world.

    The Gulf Stream and Its Relation To Climate Change

    Ocean currents have a direct influence on our lives. They determine our weather, our climate, and much more. The ocean currents and wind systems transport heat from the equator to the poles and operate like a large engine for the global climate.