We breather five times than we eat and truth be told, most of the air we breathe is “junk”: indoor air is in average eight times more polluted than outside air causing allergies preding sickness, and impairing our health over time.

But it’s hard to care about what you can’t see or control. That’s what this smart device that helps you take control of your indoor air quality is useful for.

Are you looking for home air quality monitor, to measure your indoor CO2, VOC, and particulate matter?
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The Foobot is air monitoring instrument device that tracks the fine particles and other air pollution sources in your home. And in case of problem alerts you trough a smartphone app.

Foobot job is to continuously analyze the quality of the ambient air, and monitor for fine particles and VOCs, it is also gives information for the temperature and humidity. The recorded information is then transmitted to a secure dedicated server, which analyzes the variables and displays the data via smartphone or tablet app compatible with iOS and Android.


How does it work


Using high tech sensors and algorithms, Foobot tracks indoor air pollution. Foobot provides timely alerts and notifications specific to the needs of your home and family. After few days, Foobot recognizes your specific pollution pattern and gives you more informed. Holistic advice as time goes.

Sensor and Features

Foobot particle meter fins and detects fine particle that are suspended in the air in the form of solid particle or liquid droplets.

The device has a gas pollutant detector for Volatile organic compound (VOG), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Carbon monoxide (CO)

It will monitor your Indoor temperature – important both for your well being and air pollution rate

The humidity is also covered as molds and bacteria can develop quickly in humid environments

Additional functionality inside the Foobot sensor device

Foobot has some convenient functionality like:

  • Instant Feedback on your indoor air quality
  • Knock Knock feature that lets you tap the device twice to get the latest data
  • Option to monitor your entire living space
  • Hassle-free setup & one step connection
  • More personalized advices over time


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