different variants of on demand water pumps


  1. Model comparison table
  2. On demand pump variations
    1. 115 volt on demand pump
    2. 120 volt on demand pump
    3. 12 volt on demand pump
    4. 110 volt on demand pump
    5. Soft start on demand pump
    6. On demand pump for campers and RVs
    7. On demand pump for home use
  3. What to look for when buying
  4. Care and maintenance

Are you planning on using the water from your storage tank or draw water from the nearest creek to your cabin or RV…

You have come to the right place.

We are reviewing 7 of the best on demand water pumps that will do the job.

These demand delivery pumps (DDP) are portable, compact, easy to install, use, and maintain.

In many cases they lead to more sustainable life by promoting water reuse, and using them at your home will make your living environment much more green.

Some of you maybe wondering…

What is on demand water pump?

An on demand water pump has a control unit built inside so when there is demand form the point of use, the pump systems starts working. This happens because the pressure inside the unit drops. When you close the faucet or the garden hose the pressure builds up again and the system turns itself off.

Everything is automatic. No need to push buttons to start the pumping process.

demand delivery pump connected to reverse osmosis system
Demand delivery pump connected to reverse osmosis system


That we know what it is, let’s consider some voltages, brands, and models available to buy.

Currently, some of the most popular brands include Aquatec, SHURflo, and Express.

But these are just names.

The more important things are – your use case, how much power do you have, and how much, and how fast do you want the water to flow.

Armed with these questions let’s look at some models and their used case scenarios.

Model Comparison table

Here you will find all the products in our article. The table will help you make a simple comparison of each model. For more detailed information please scroll below.

ModelSHURflo 2088Aquatec 5851SHURflo 4008Express 110Remco Aquajet -55WEFCO ArtisSEAFLO 33-Series
Ease of Use
Design3 chamber diaphragm3 chamber diaphragm4 chamber diaphragm3 chamber diaphragm5 chamber diaphragm3 chamber diaphragm3 chamber diaphragm
GPM (gallons per minute)3.3 GPM (12.49 LPM)0.9 GPM (3.00 LPM)3.0 GPM (11.36 LPM)1.0 GPM (3.00 LPM)5.3 GPM (20.00 LPM)3.0 GPM (11.36 LPM)3.3 GPM (12.49 LPM)
Pressure range30 to 50 PSI10 to 60 PSI30 to 55 PSI40 to 90 PSI40 to 85 PSI0 to 40 PSI20 to 45 PSI
Pressure switch
Temperature130° F (54° C) 140° F (60° C)130° F (54° C)149° F (65° C)140°F (60°C)140°F (60°C) 140° F (60° C)
Prime (Vertical)9 ft.5.5 ft.6 ft.6.5 ft.13.0 ft.6 ft.6 ft.
Ports1/2" - 14 Male Parallel ThreadPush-to-Connect for 3/8" Tubing1/2" - 14 Male Parallel Thread1/4" & 3/8" Quick Connect 3/4" Quick Attach 3/4"1/2" - 14 Male Parallel Thread
Check valve
Prevents Reverse Flow

Prevents Reverse Flow

Prevents Reverse Flow

Prevents Reverse Flow

Prevents Reverse Flow

Prevents Reverse Flow

Prevents Reverse Flow
Wight5.1 Lbs (2.31 Kg)5.65 Lbs (2.56 Kg)5.1 Lbs (2.31 Kg)4.9 Lbs (2.22 Kg)8 lb (3.6 kg)5.1 Lbs (2.31 Kg)2.5 Lbs (1.14 Kg)
Warranty1 year1 year2 years1 year1 year2 years4 years

115 Volt on demand pump

shurflo 2088 on demand water pump with 115 volt power

Pros Cons Used for
  • Works with reverse osmosis system
  • Food graded
  • Easy to mount
  • Lightweight
  • Can run dry
  • Run hot if used for long time
  • Home
  • Reverse osmosis system
  • Ice makers
  • Wine making

Replacement for: This unit is good replacement for Flojet VSD 4524-500.

The SHURflo 2088 594-154 – 115 volt pump is a piece of equipment that suit many needs.

Installation process is super quick and easy, you will have no problem following the instruction.

The model is of made of metal and aluminum with santoprene valves and diaphragm. It is very compact and weighs around 5 lbs. The size doesn’t interfere with the pump’s ability to transfer around 3 gallons per minute (11 liters/minute).

The unit comes preset at 45 PSI, but if you want to adjust the pressure on your own, there is a build in switch. The range goes from 30 to 50 PSI.

The SHURflo water pump also has self-priming up to 9 feet vertical. Therefore, it’s meant for high-flow, moderate pressures when transferring water. The MSPT ports are ½” so make sure they suit your pipes.

If you plan to run it for a long time (more than 2 hours) and with bigger head, make sure to install it some place cool. Overheating the motor will damage the pump.

The unit is made to be hardwired to the power source. If you need to draw power from the outlet, buy a plug, because there isn’t any inside the package.

Try not to use this small water pump for dirty water suction, because it does not manage sediment very well. Once clogged it may die very quickly. Consider buying a strainer to filter the particles.

If your are wondering if it is suitable for reverse osmosis system, yes it is. Many people use this exact pump for such application.

120 Volt on demand water pump

demand delivery pump for 120 volts

Pros Cons Used for
  • Works with reverse osmosis system
  • Food graded
  • Easy to mount
  • Lightweight
  • Can run dry
  • Run hot if used for long time
  • Rain barrels
  • Water tanks
  • Refrigerators

The Aquatec 5851 120 volt water pump has a bit more force than the previous model. You can boost the pressure up to 60 PSI trough 3/8” adapter.

Because of the higher pressure many people use this model for refrigerators and their built-in water collection.

It has small disadvantage compare to other pumps in the same price range. It lacks a bit on gallons per minute. With 0.7 GPM it is not the best in the class.

However, what it lacks with its low GPM, it makes up with pressure. This model can withstand a high pressure count, if your pump system demands that. So, if you’re looking for a portable option with a little more push, Aquatec 5851 might be your pick.

12 Volt on demand water pump

shurflo 4008 on demand pump 12 volts

Pros Cons Used for
  • Compact
  • Quiet
  • one piece diaphragm
  • not perfect for continues use
  • Campers
  • RVs
  • Motor homes
  • Rain barrels
  • Off the grid shacks

SHURflo 4008 101-E65 12 volt is the prefect unit for your off the grid cabin, recreational vehicle or any other type of motor home for that matter. The key here is low power consumption and compactness. This model has both.

For its size fairly powerful. The 12 volts bring 3.0 GPM at 55 PSI, witch is quite sufficient for mobile use. Using a car battery to power the the device is not a problem.

Similar to all devices in this class, this one can also run dry and does not get damaged by doing so. Speaking of damage, it comes with two-year warranty and the option to buy multitude of spare parts for after warranty service.

Another cool feature is the on-piece diaphragm. The specification suggests that this feature is suppose to prolong the shelf-life and make the pump more quite. We cannot vouch for this, but it is indeed one of the quiet modes.

Because you may want to use hot water with your DIY build, this on demand pump will have no problem pushing the fluid to your tankless hot water heater. But be sure to place the suction end before the heating unit. Using the the 4008 to pull hot water is not an option.

One thing should be mentioned though – the 12 volts, suggest that this is not the most powerful unit. It will power simultaneously a faucet and shower at max.

Express 110 Volt Water Pump

express inline water pump 110 volts

Pros Cons Used for
  • Good pressure
  • Quick connect system
  • Runs a bit loud
  • Storage tank
  • Home use
  • Rain barrels

The next model in our list is the the Express 110 volt water demand delivery pump. If you need to solve the problems with a long line or lack of pressure in your ice maker the Express DDP can definitely help.

Pressure is controlled by adjustable switch and can go form 40 to 90 PSI. Yes 90, this makes Express the strongest unit compared to other models on this page.

The 1/4” and 3/8” quick-connect ports allow quick installation and disassembly. The “quick connect process” means that tubing is simply done and does not require any special tools for set-up.

The total wight is around 5 lbs. And also has a self-priming feature that goes up to 6.5 feet.

Overall is a strong delivery systems for efficient water flow with many applications.

Soft Start Water Pump

remco on demand pump with soft start

Pros Cons Used for
  • Soft start system
  • Food graded
  • Easy to mount
  • Lightweight
  • Can run dry
  • Run hot if used for long time
  • All applications

Replacement for: This unit is good replacement for Jabsco Flo 5.0 model 42766-0092.

The Remco Aquajet RV Series Water Pump is a bit on the expensive side compared to the already-mentioned products..

However, it is a powerful product.

It comes with soft start feature, that automatically adjusts the speed as you open and close water fixtures. This reduces the rapid cycling when using the pump.

In addition Remco has designed a 5-chamber unit that delivers a comfortable 3.5 gallon per minute flow rate.

So, if you need a quicker, small pump this is the one. Also it is the fastest unit until now.

All these perks comes with higher price tag and heavier weight, totaling almost 7 pounds for the entire assembly. However Aquajet-55 is well build and will last you for years to come.

Best suited for RVs and homes, the Remco Aquajet RV Series is meant to be used for water pump systems that require a bit more force.

On demand Camper water pump

wfco artis ddp for camper use

Pros Cons Used for
  • Works with reverse osmosis system
  • Food graded
  • Easy to mount
  • Lightweight
  • Can run dry
  • A bit slower than the other models
  • Campers
  • RVs
  • Off the grid homes

Replacement for: This unit is good replacement for WFCO 112-1240-E and WFCO PDS1 RV2

If you wonder what could be a good option to install in your camper or RV the WFCO PDS1 is interesting choice.

The cheaper price tag on this on-demand water pump should not distract you from its efficiency. Having both thermal and over-pressure protection, it is designed for portable water transfers.
Its self-priming feature means it can draw water up to 6 feet and can also run dry without any damage.

Oftentimes WEFCO Artis is used to fill camper and RV tanks pared with revers osmosis system to build a clear water setup.

The speed of flow is quite sufficient and is set at 3 gallons per minute. When setting such system don’t forget the strainer because quite often you will pump water from dirty source.

The flow of liquid is slightly slower than the more expensive models, but can still pump water to/from your camper with ease.
Being a little on the cheaper side, it is more suited for those who wish to delivery water on a smaller budget.

On demand Pump for Home use

seaflo on demand pump for-home use

Pros Cons Used for
  • Good warranty
  • Good pressure
  • Outlet plug
  • Home
  • Rain barrels

The SEAFLO 33-Series is a product intended for home use. Coming with a power plug for your wall outlet, the water pump has a rate of, 3.3 gallons per minute with 115V AC. This makes it one of the powerful pumps currently mentioned in our product list.

The built-in pressure switch turns on and off at 45 PSI. Although coming with a power cable, the SEAFLO 33-Series is still quite portable nonetheless, only weighing some 4.2 lbs.

With a four-year warranty, if you’re not on-the-move much and have access to outlets close to where you are transferring water, the SEAFLO 33-Series might suit your home and inline pump system best. It’s certainly a product that will last a long time.

Pipe Strainer

pipe strainer for dd pump

Living next to creek/lake or camping near by, brings the question – can a use my pump with the water inside.

The answer is yes…

But you will need piper strainer.

The strainer will block the sediment contained in the water and will extend the life of your device. Clogging the pump’s diaphragm mechanism with hard particles will kill it very fast.

SHURflo piper strainer is one such tool. Made from transparent plastic it is easy to see when it is time to clean the stainless steel mesh.

Buy it use it and prolong your pump’s life.

Pre-Pressurized Accumulator Tank

pre pressurized accumulator tank

Unlike the other products on this list, this is not an on-demand water pump: however, it might be necessary for your water pump system if you want to keep your water line pressure consistent.
In effect, the accumulator tank smooths out the pulsations caused by water transfer and keeps the water line pressure consistent. It also has the added benefit of keeping your motor pump cool.

Have you ever had a sink where the water was either leaking or coming out inconsistently?

The Pre-Pressurized Accumulator Tank can certainly resolve that for you. It also reduces plumbing noises that may be caused by your water pump system.

Using accumulator tank will boost your on-demand water pump’s longevity and save battery power.

The accumulator tank weighs only 1 lb. or so and coupler fitting is included.

Attach it to your existing water pump to cure uneven water flow and short-cycling – works especially great for RVs.

Use-Case Scenarios

For the people landed here researching what actually is on demand pump, and their use – these couple paragraphs are for you.

One of the most popular uses for these types of pumps is for drawing water from a rain barrel.

People install rain barrels to collect free water fore later use. Some of therm then install the pump between the barrel and a garden hose. This way they ensure easy access to cheap pressurized water for plant watering, and cleaning tasks.

Water pumps are also necessary for RVs, campers, and other type of vehicles. When it comes to circulating water in your RV, for instance, you’re going to need a water pump to ensure circulation. You model that is reliable, quiet, portable, and dependable enough so you can receive your water when you need it on the road. An on-demand water pump is usually used for such pump systems.

On demand pump mounted inside a boat
On demand pump mounted inside a boat

Sailors also depend on water pumps for the functioning of their boats. With them they draw water form the fresh water tank to their on board toilet.

Finally, water pumps have use-cases in everyday homes. From pumping water to your ice machine.

on demand pump drawing water from river and connected to a reverse osmosis system
On demand pump drawing water from river and connected to a reverse osmosis system

On-demand water pumps allow for a simple solution so that you can transport water – be it from your rain barrel, or your RV, or your water-needed home appliance. Not to mention, if you live off-the-grid and want to start your living situation from scratch, water pumps are crucial for your shower and faucets to ensure a proper circulation of water for your humble abode.

On-demand water pumps thus serve as an excellent solution that allows you to easily curate your pump system and get the water when you need it, efficiently and effectively.

Whatever you are using the water for – be it gardening, plumbing, storage tank reserve or any other aspect of your home – you want the water to be suctioned in a clean and efficient way, so that there’s no sediments in the water.

What to look for in on demand water pump?

If you wonder how to choose the right pump this short guide may steer you in the right direction.

Unfortunately, there are no one simple answers to that questions. Under each situation you may need a different solution.

It is very important to clearly formulate the tasks, what type functions the pump should perform.

In order to reach the answer, let’s describe a few important points that determine the correct pump choice:

  • What are you going to pump. You need to know the name or formula, fluid properties, temperature, composition, etc. Usually on demand pumps are used for water but there are other applications like when brewing beer or making wine.
  • How much time you want to spend pumping. On demand pump are used for shorter amount of time but with proper cooling they can run much longer.
  • At what distance you will pump, and how much pressure you need at the end the pressure line (it can be one feet, or for couple of hundred feet).

Properly selected pump not only work long, but are also cheaper to maintain.

Useful tips when selecting your next on demand water pump:

  • What type power do you have to power up the pump
  • We recommend ALWAYS check with the seller for the warranty and spare parts. This speaks well for the company, and suggest that the pump will not be removed from service in a year, and you have repair options in the years to come.
  • What flow or pressure do you need. Usually for domestic application one needs around 45 PSI
  • The material from which it is made. High quality plastic or stainless steel is desirable. For a pump with bearings, it is best if they are made of ceramic.
  • On demand pumps are designed to work only with relatively clean water reservoirs. Avoid water with organic waste or any solid particle.
  • It is desirable to have a soft start system.
  • Look for devices with protection against water ingress, “dry running”, motor overload, and power surge.
  • It is good if the pump has additional functions – mud filter, pressure gauges, non-return valve.
  • Don not buy on demand pump to push chemical fluids.
  • Many people buy on demand pumps for pumping water from a depth of more than 9 meters. It is physically impossible (rad this – Why can’t pumps suck liquid from a depth of more than 30 feet? ).

Pump care and maintenance

In order to work properly, delivery quality fluid, and operate longer, on demand water pump need some maintenance.


After prolong storage, or when buying new parts sanitize your pump. If by any chance you have contaminated your unit, also do this.


Completely draining your pump is the best measure against freeze damage. If there is ice inside the system it may damage your plumbing.

To troubleshot your pump based on operational parameters use the following table:

Possible cause/ SymptomNoisePump cycles on-off- on Pump won't startPump won't shut offTank fills on city waterPump starts with fixture closed Pump loses primePump will not primeLow flowLeaks
Kinked inlet hose
Hard plumbed pump
Elbows at pump
Pipes hitting
Clogged tank outlet
Clogged tank strainer
Clogged winterizing valve
Clogged shut-off valve
Small hose at pump inlet
Pump to far from tank
Collapsing non-vacuum-rated hose
Small hose at pump outlet
Inlet air leak
Air in system
Cracked strainer
Loose pump fittings
Pipes banging in system
Kinked outlet hose
Small hose at heater/ toilet
Bad city water fill 3 way valve
Clogged faucet aerators
Flow restrictors
Dirty/worn pump valves
Dirty/worn check valves
Bad drive assembly
PInched main diaphragm
Reptured main diaphragm
Reptured switch diaphragm
Bed macro switch
Loose wire at switch
Loose pump screws
Leaking fixtures/fittings
Frozen pump
Motor thermal overload (hot motor)
Low voltage
Bad motor
Bad pump mount (thin, loose, etc.)


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