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China air polution

Climate change could have a "huge impact" on China; it will reduce the grain harvest and also will have negative consequences on the environment.

Today, Northern Europe and the UK saw the biggest solar eclipse of several years. Moon took the solar disk just before 8 Am Greenwich Mean Time
Wild bees

Almost 10% of the total 2000 European species of wild bees are threatened with extinction, according to a new scientific study published on March 19, 2015
Amazon forest

The ability of the Amazon rainforest to absorb greenhouse gases from the air has sharply decreased, according to a new scientific study published by...
Coastal Floods and Global Warming

According to scientist the West Antarctica Ice Sheet has so much water to cause a rise between a 3 and 4 meters in global ocean and flooding heavily populate coast cities.
Niagara Falls froze this year.

For the first time in in e while, Niagara Falls are pretty much frozen. Yes, the Falls are frozen by an unprecedented cold wave. The temperature is around minus 22-degree and is expected to get even colder on Thursday.
Climate Anaomalies January 2015

The globally averaged temperature over land and ocean surfaces for January 2015 was the second highest for the month since record keeping began in 1880.
NOAS State Climatologist

Check out how NOAA is organizing and communicating with local people and businesses to collects weather data and fight consequences of weather anomalies.

Record breaking series of consecutive storms that hit the Northeast part of USA in the last couple of weeks, forced the authorities to close...
NASA Greenlad 3d Ice Mapping

Looking at the ice sheet is like looking back in time. With each layer scientists at NASA are getting records of not only snowfall and melting events, but the Earth’s climate status at the dawn of civilization.
Hwaii Hurricane Iselle

The new higher resolution will provide a look at Hawaii’s weather that we've never seen before. If you want the best in weather forecasting and modeling... Look no further than the

The finding was announced today in a new report from NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York. Each year the institute produces a global temperature analysis using readings from weather stations around the world.
Solar Flare

Sitting nearly 93 million miles from Earth, the Sun is the focal point of our solar system with each planet and their moons orbiting around it. Even at this great distance, the Sun's spectacular energy can pose significant risks in our world.
Gulf Stream (Atlantic)

Ocean currents have a direct influence on our lives. They determine our weather, our climate, and much more. The ocean currents and wind systems transport heat from the equator to the poles and operate like a large engine for the global climate.
Upload weather data to Bureau's Weather Observations Website

This is a short guide form the Bureau's Weather Observations Website - or WOW for short. WOW is online weather community in Australia where everyone can share information and photos about the weather. There are many ways to be part of the WOW community.
Map of severe weather events in 2014

Climate changes are followed by extreme weather events and they are becoming more and more frequent, with much greater power and irregularity. We needs is not...