People watch the partial solar eclipse at the zoo in Belfast, Ireland.


Budapest, Hungary

solar-eclipse-20150320-greenwichStudents with goggles at the Royal Observatory during the partial solar eclipse in Greenwich, London.

solar-eclipse-20150320-londonChildren watch the eclipse in London, UK.

solar-eclipse-20150320-milano-italyMilano, Italy

solar-eclipse-20150320-norwaySvalbard, Norway

solar-eclipse-20150320-norway-2Svalbard, Norway

solar-eclipse-20150320-norway-3Svalbard, Norway

solar-eclipse-20150320-polandThe eclipse trough the photographic film in Szczecin, Poland.

solar-eclipse-20150320-southwest-ukToday, Northern Europe and the UK saw the biggest solar eclipse of several years. Moon took the solar disk just before 8 Am Greenwich Mean Time

The photograph was taken in Bridgewater, South West UK.

solar-eclipse-20150320-stonehandgeEclipse over Stonehenge in Salisbury Plain, southern Britain

solar-eclipse-20150320-vienna-austriaCombination of photos from Vienna, Austria.


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