Yes, feeling the cold air rushing through the crack beneath your door is not something pleasant. This leads to loss of precious warmth and higher bills.

There are a number of solutions for stopping the draft, thus saving energy and preventing heat loss.

And today we are going to look at 8 different under door draft stoppers you can use to seal the gap and block the cold air.

What type of stopper should I buy?

There are different types of draft excluders to choose from when winterizing your home.

Before buying one consider couple of things – the door location (exterior or interior), how wide is your door, and how big is the gap.

So let’s dive in, and find out what are the best draft guards.

Twin draft guard

As the name suggests, twin draft guards have two parts that work together to insulate your room or house – the draft stopper consists of two foam cylinders, contained in a fabric sleeve and secured on opposite sides of the door.

Unlike many temporary solutions – the dreaded towel in front of the door that so many people use, for example – the stopper moves with the door or window it is secured to and does not need any annoying repositioning.

Simple and easy to use on both interior and exterior doors, these draft stoppers may not stop air leaks completely but will definitely make your home warmer and will save you some money in the cold winter months.

Just make sure to get a color that matches your floor or furniture so it doesn’t stand out too much.

A good example for twin model is:

Twin Draft Guard 60220

woman installing a twin draft guard to an exterior door


If you are looking for a product that not only stops the draft but also reduces noise, the Twin Draft Guard 60220 is an excellent solution to both problems. It can be used both on doors and windows and even though it is designed to prevent air leaks (and unpleasant smells as an added bonus), many satisfied customers appreciate the way it also muffles sound.

The Twin Draft Guard 60220 is easy to install and works both on interior and exterior doors, up to 36 inches wide. It is especially good for extra wide gaps that other draft stoppers would not cover.

Evelots Jumbo

jumbo double sided draft guard used over a carpet

When purchasing a draft stopper, you want something simple, easy to use and efficient. And preferably, something universal – a product that works for every kind of door, every type of floor. The Evelots Jumbo draft stopper fits doors of up to 36 inches and can easily be cut down to fit any smaller door or window.

And the best part is that even though it moves with the door when you open and close it, it won’t damage your floors so you don’t have to worry about scuff marks or frayed carpets. Once you put it in place, simply forget about it.

Magnetic draft stopper

One of the most common places where drafts occur is under a metal garage door but don’t worry, there is an easy solution for this and not too shabby looking at that. Enter the magnetic draft stopper.

A combination of strong magnets and weather resistant covering, this type of draft stoppers is perfect for exterior doors and will not allow the elements to wreak havoc inside your garage or home no matter how large a gap there might be. In case you want to use the same kind of stopper on interior doors – perhaps in order to have a consistent look in your home or office, detachable metal clips make it possible to use with hardwood or even glass doors.

Just keep in mind the width of your door since magnetic draft stoppers usually cannot be easily shortened at home.

Two excellent examples that we found are:

Evelots Magnetic Clip On Door

woman attaching magnetic draft stopper to a metal door

While no one likes a drafty room, not everyone is ok with a rolled up towel or an old blanket scrunched up in front of the door. The Evelots Magnetic Clip On Door Draft Stopper is designed with these customers in mind – people who would like to make heating (or cooling) their homes more efficient but are not willing to sacrifice the overall look of their carefully designed décor.

And while a draft stopper with a magnetic clip might require a bit more effort to install compared to a regular cloth seal, the final result is worth it: no heat loss and it sure looks good.

Brush door sweep

A true multitasker, the brush door sweep does it all: a draft stopper that keeps cold or hot air at bay while also sweeping the floor if installed on the bottom of a door.

However, it can also be installed vertically on a rolling steel door and will create a good weather seal despite the uneven surface thanks to the flexible bristles.

A brush door sweep usually includes a metal strip and a brush which is easy to slide in once the frame is securely mounted with a couple of screws.

Perfect for exterior doors and thanks to the heavy gauge aluminum, much more durable than similar products made from rubber, not to mention quiet – not a rubber squeak to be heard and keeps the floor clean.

The next suggestions are some of the most used brush sweep models:

Frost King SB36

brush door sweeper with aluminum frame


The Frost King SB36 brush door sweep will certainly help to keep the frost from coming in but it does much more than just winterize your home. Once the metal frame is screwed to the bottom of the door simply slide in the brush and you are done – no more draft, a quick sweep every time you open and close the door, no repositioning needed.

And in case you have an infestation problem, the Frost King SB36 door sweep will also keep insects away.

Of course the aluminum strip cannot be easily cut down for a narrow door so keep measurements in mind when purchasing.

Pemko Bottom Sweep

pemco brush door sweeper

An old house, uneven floors, a huge gap under the front door that barely stops outside air from getting inside?

If you want to eliminate draft but also make sure your floor does not get damaged, the Pemko Brush Door Bottom Sweep combines a sturdy anodized aluminum holder with a thick but gentle brush that sweeps the floor while also serving as a draft stopper.

If the sweep is mounted on a door that is constantly in use you might notice that the bristles start to slide out of the frame. If so, simply push them back in place without a second thought.

Strip draught stopper with tape

You want a quick solution and cannot be bothered with drills and screws, but you need something stronger than a piece of cloth that might easily get wet? You will probably like the strip draught stopper which has one major advantage – it is super easy to use and with just a pair of scissors can be cut down to match any door.

Measure the door, cut the strip, wipe the bottom of the door, peel off the back and attach the self-adhesive tape. As simple as that and the seal not only prevents heat loss but also any annoying bugs, smoke or odors coming in.

These weather strips can be used for all kinds of doors but are best for interiors since silicone is not quite as sturdy as some other types of draft stoppers.

And popular examples in this category are:

Aptoyu Self-Adhesive Weather Strip

self adhesive weather stripping stopper

An improvement on regular weather strips, the Aptoyu Self-Adhesive is wider and therefore not as easy to peel off when stuck to a door or window that is often opened and closed.

In fact, this particular draft stopper can be used not only on interior and exterior doors but also on furniture if there is a bug problem that needs to be addressed. The package contains a 39-inch strip that can be cut down to match your door, window or wardrobe.

Keep in mind that 24 hours after installation the door should be used as little as possible to ensure long term protection.

VITAM AMO Door Sweep


A draft stopper with a 1-year, no questions asked money back guarantee must really do what it’s supposed to, so the VITAM AMO Door Sweep, Draft Stopper & Sound Blocker is a pretty safe bet.

The waterproof adhesive ensures a warm room – and peace of mind – even in a wet environment so the strip can be used for interior and exterior doors. As long as the gap between the door and the floor is up to 3 cm, this draft stopper will seal it.

Also a promise of 70% less noise sounds awesome and if that’s not enough to convince you, your neighbors must be really, really quiet.

Door snake (cloth draft stopper)

Sometimes the best solution is the simplest. If you don’t want to mount anything to your doors and don’t even need a permanent draught excluder, just something pretty and functional to use on an especially drafty day, a simple but effective door snake is just the ticket.

These are draft stoppers made from stuffed cloth, usually with a weight inside to make sure it will not move unless you want it to. Especially good for windows and interior doors, the door snake can actually be used everywhere it is needed and unlike most other draft stoppers, if properly selected, it doubles as a home decoration.

These kind of stoppers can also work for your fireplace door. When your chimney don’t have chimney cap, there is a down draft that goes inside your home through the flue pipe.

Definitely the easiest to use but does the job and then some – keeps out the cold, noise and insects and will be a hit with your pets…

The follwing two models are excellent design choices:

MAXTID 38″ Giraffe

cloth door snake placed next a door to top draft

Who said practical can’t also be super cute? The wonderful design is just perfect for the kids’ room but don’t be fooled by how adorable it is – the MAXTID 38″ Giraffe Under Door Draft Stopper works wonders for your energy bill.

Place it in front of a door or window and it will block draught, sound, dust and bugs, and when you don’t need it anymore, just hang it on the door handle by the hanging cord.

The giraffe is 38 inches long and weighs 2 pounds to ensure stability. A perfect gift for the holidays and not just for children.

Monikas Marketplace 37″

decorated draft stopper sitting next a door

Energy efficient means not only good news for the environment but for your wallet too. And the easiest way to make your home energy efficient is Monikas Marketplace 37″ Decorated Draft Stopper.

It works equally well in the winter and summer months, keeping cold or hot air out. And when you feel you temporarily don’t need the draft stopper, it can be stored by a hanging cord or in the bonus storage bag.

A word of warning: this draft stopper is 37.5″ long, perfect for a standard 36-inch door, but will not work well with a raised door or one that is recessed into the door frame.

Automatic door sweeper

A far cry from simple cloth or silicone draft stoppers, the automatic door bottom is a heavy duty seal which drops to eliminate the gap between the door and the floor. Especially good for soundproofing, the door bottom also stops drafts, smoke and light.

A concealed spring mechanism is activated when the door is opened or closed and the seal is raised or dropped with a smooth motion. While it might not be as easy or quick to install as some other types of draft stoppers and is certainly more expensive, the automatic door bottom is built to last and is practically invisible, perfect for exterior doors.

A high end choice that is worth the extra money and extra effort upfront.

Automatic models that you may consider are:

TMS Automatic Door Bottom

retracted automatic draft stopper mounted to a door

If you value discretion, no worries, no one will know you have installed the TMS Automatic Door Bottom on your front door unless you decide to point it out.

The quiet and smooth mechanism releases a solid neoprene bulb and if you are happy with a maximum drop of 1 inch, you will be very pleased with this product (keep in mind that a bigger gap will not be completed sealed).

Of course automatic door bottoms in general are durable but this one has a particularly long life since it has been tested through 5 million cycles. That’s a lot of smoothly opened doors.

Pemko Aluminum Automatic

closeup of automatic door bottom mechanism

It’s nice to know a product does exactly what it should, which is what an overwhelming number of home owners say about the Pemko Aluminum Automatic Door Bottom. It has a solid aluminum case that protects a drop seal, released by a plunger that doesn’t require a lot of force or effort on your part.

A really good solution if you have old or antique doors – they will work as new with the door stop but without sacrificing their original look.

However, most people will not be able to install the automatic door bottom by themselves so if you are not too handy, get a professional to help you.

Shoe Door Draft Stopper

Exterior doors have it the worst – cold and hot drafts, snow, rain, insects, dust and whatever else the outside world decides to throw at them. But the good news is there is one solution for all these problems.

The shoe door draft stoppers are permanently installed at the bottom of the door, fitting over the original material. Usually made from aluminum, thus creating a durable and sturdy door bottom, these are perfect for exterior doors which might have already seen some rough days.

And as an added bonus, a rubber seal closes the gap between the door and the floor, eliminating any drafts, light or sound.

If the shoe door stopper you select is U shaped, you need to make sure it will fit your door precisely. L shaped designs fit a wider range of sizes.

Easy to install choices in this category are:

M-D Building Products 68593 1-3/4×36-Inch

u shaped door shoe with mounting screws


The name “M-D Building Products Aluminum Weatherstrip Door Bottom” might be a mouthful but it is in fact a pretty straightforward and reliable product for people looking to minimize energy loss. We are talking about a combination of a heavy duty aluminum door bottom and a vinyl insert which creates a seal between the bottom of the door and the threshold to keep your home protected.

It is especially good for rainy climates since it will keep water away from damaging your door and leaking inside. M-D Building Products offer a quality product, well worth the price.

M-D Building Products 49000 M-D U-Shape

u shaped door shoe with rain guard


As with all permanent, screwed-on door bottoms, make sure you measure your door carefully – this U-Shape Door Bottom fits 36-inch wide and 1-3/4-inch thick doors and installing it requires some experience (or a professional to deal with removing the door, fitting and screwing on the aluminum bottom and returning the door to its rightful place).

But once it is in, you can literally forget about it as well as water, draft, dust and insects getting inside your home. Designed to be used with a smooth threshold, it also has a rubber sweep to insulate an up to 7/16-inch gap.

DIY draft stoppers

If you can’t find what you are looking for in the different types of draft stoppers described above, you don’t feel like spending any money or you simply want something unique for your home, feel free to make one of the three DIY stoppers below:

No sewing twin draft guard

You don’t have to be a wiz with a thread and needle in order to make a simple but effective twin draft guard. In fact, you don’t need a needle at all, all you need is a couple of pool noodles, an old pillow case and some safety pins.

Just measure and cut the noodles and use the pillow case as a cover, securing everything with the safety pins. The final result will keep your home warm by blocking any drafts and it might also warm your heart to know you did this all by yourself.

One sided snake draft guard

If you know your way around the sewing machine and you have some leftover fabric lying around, perhaps from a previous DIY project, go ahead and make a snake draft guard to decorate your room and keep it toasty warm in the winter.

You will need to make an inner lining from any old cloth and an outer casing which can be one large piece of fabric or a nice patchwork.

The best part is you can fill the fabric with sand gathered from your favorite beach, to remind you of those warm summer days that sometimes seem so far away.

Draft stopper from sock

Who doesn’t have a spare sock or two lying around, missing their long gone partners? If you have a few spare minutes as well, these otherwise useless socks can be turned into a rather pretty, totally unique and perfectly good draft stopper.

All you need to do is fill them with quilt batting or even something suitable you find in the pantry – popcorn, dried beans or rice. If you’re in mood for something more presentable, select two or three socks with different patterns but similar colors and stitch them together. If you’re in a hurry, just take a long sock or tights, fill them up and tie the ends into a knot. Simple but does the job.


There are many added beneficent using a draft stopper, and we think it’s a no-brainer when you actually have a the problem a underdoor door drat.

So before you go let’s recap some of the reasons for buying the the door draft guard.

  1. Reduced heating bill as less warm air will escape and therefore you will not have to be constantly reheating the place
  2. Less energy will be spent heating your house
  3. Prevent insects from getting into the house
  4. Minimize dust from outside
  5. Keep harmful fumes from entering through the door
  6. Acts as a sound barrier


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