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Netatmo Urban Weather Station

The modern world offers many ways for accurate determination of the weather - there are thermometers of different calibers, detailed TV forecasts, Internet sites and special applications, numerous barometers and other gadgets that...

Climate chanage movies

We thought today we could share this list of 5 movies that talk about the climate, pollution environmentalism, and the changing Earth.


Emergency weather radio is an essential part of any emergency kit. Its main purpose is the keep you informed by getting first hand information...

AcuRite Weather Stations

From weather stations to indoor-outdoor thermometers and sensors, AcuRite products are widely recognized for their quality and user friendly design. AcuRite offers variety of...

Davis Instrument Vantage Pro2 Weather Station Overview

There are many weather stations on the market, and it is easy to get lost in all the models and types. In the end you don't know which one is right for, most reliable or give more value for your money.That's why we decided to put this short review on one of the top picks in the home weather station class - Vantage Pro2.

AcuRite 75077 Wireless Weather Forecaster

In this short guide we tried to gather the maximum amount of useful information for several indoor-outdoor thermometers and weather stations that are suitable...

The best home weather staion

Have you ever wondered why the local weather report was predicting sunny and calm weather, and rain was knocking on your window. The main reason for that is that weather updates depend heavily on location and equipment. That’s why the meteorological