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About us

New World Climate (NWClimate) is a site for people interested in living more sustainable life in times of climate change. That is why we try to present sustainable technological solution, capable of improving your living environment and in the same time protect the planet.

Our main goal is to suggest solutions that will bring value to your life.

We focus on topics such as – home improvement, weather protection and sustainable technology.

Bill Steward


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twitter-logo https://twitter.com/ClaimTheClimate

Bill is engineer, weather enthusiast and amateur radio operator. He loves anything that requires electricity and can be disassembled and tinkered with. He loves tracking weather, that’s why he likes building tools for this exact purpose.

Other than weather and radio Bill spend his time working on small off-the-grid house close to Savannah River.

You can find Bill’s home weather station data on his Atlanta metropolitan area weather page.

Jenny Jacobs


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twitter-logo https://twitter.com/ClaimTheClimate

Interior designer and mother of two, Jenny has strong interests in improving living environment. She likes researching topics like home improvements, sustainable solutions, and outdoor living.

When she is not writing articles for the site, she likes to work in her garden, finding new ways to grow plants more efficiently.

You can find Jenny’s personal weather station at our Nebraska City weather page.

Seth Alton


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twitter-logo https://twitter.com/ClaimTheClimate

Seth brings the passion for weather tracking and weather instruments wherever he goes, wherever it is full blown weather station, or just a small temperature sensor he is here to help.

If you have weather related question ask Seth, he has the answer.

Seth has background in engineering, but he also likes to share knowledge in areas such as home automation, programming, DIY gadgets.

When he is not dreaming about server storms, weather tracking, and weather data, you can find him climbing rocks somewhere in the beautiful Welsh countryside.

You can find Seth’s weather data at our Lixwm weather page.