FLIR Scout PS32 320x240 monocular

Now you have the freedom to explore nature at night like never before introducing the powerful new Scout PS series compact thermal hand-held camera. From FLIR with crisp clear thermal imagery palm size portability and straight forward operation.

Like all FLIR thermal cameras the Scout PS series creates images from heat not light giving you a serious advantage out in the wild, far superior to other night vision systems.

See what you couldn’t before. Say or night for hours on in without arm fatigue

Navigate rough terrain dusk to dawn even on a cloudy moonless night so you can get back to camp safely.

Finally see what nature is up to you after the sun goes down. Fine members of your party who might have strayed off trail, spot lost livestock or pets.

Appear deep into the woods or heavy underbrush to see what’s out there detect those in camouflage and even see trough smoke fog and trail dust

And PS series isn’t just for the trail there are dozens at home on the water or on-the-go users to.


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