air conditioner cover

This is a comprehensive list of most useful air conditioner covers.

These models are well made, affordable, and will serve you for years.

Some people prefer not to cover their units but if you live in a stormy place or in a region with distinct seasons it is useful thing to have.

So if you want outside AC cover made with durable material and with good protection when weather goes bad…

…keep reading.

Classic Air Conditioner Cover

classic air conditioner cover

For those who prefer a full fabric cover for your AC unit, you can’t go wrong with the Classic Accessories Veranda air conditioner cover. It is very durable thanks to interior bound seams and high-density stitching of the Gardelle woven polyester fabric, it is water-repellent and has special air vents to reduce condensation and a hem cord with toggles which guarantees a perfect fit over the unit. There are also padded handles to make putting it on and taking it off a bit easier.

As part of the Veranda line of products, the cover is also rather elegant and if you have outdoor furniture you need to protect, you can get matching covers to keep your yard or patio looking good.

This cover comes in a round and square variety to fit a 34″ long x 34″ deep x 30″ high air conditioner (34″ diameter and 30″ high for the round cover).

Mesh AC Defender

ac covered with mesh gurad

If you find your air conditioner is under a constant barrage of leaves, pine needles or debris – or even just a few leaves getting in the unit now and again, don’t ignore it. This is a serious risk and can lead to significant damage unless you take steps to protect your AC.

The good news is that the Sturdy Covers Mesh AC Defender does exactly what the name suggests – defends the air conditioner with a PVC-coated mesh, that covers it from top to bottom. The unique mesh design and the moisture-resistant material guarantee airflow and prevent rain or snow accumulation, thus protecting from rust or corrosion.

The Sturdy Covers Mesh AC Defender comes in three sizes, can be used in any season and will stay in place even in especially windy days.

Available sizes:

  • 28W x 28L x 32H
  • 32W x 32L x 36H
  • 37W x 37L x 40H

Mesh AC Top Defender

air conditioner cover with mesh guard on top

Sometimes a full cover seems a bit unnecessary but you still want to protect your air conditioner. If that’s the case, consider the Sturdy Covers Universal Mesh AC Defender. This square top cover has one top advantage – it is super easy to install, thanks to 4 bungee hooks. Simply fasten them in place to each side of the unit and you can forget about the cover altogether. It will do its job all year round, protecting the AC from leaves or grass clippings and will keep moisture at bay, keeping all electrical components dry.

The best thing about the Sturdy Covers Universal Mesh AC Defender is that it can be used with a huge variety of AC units. It comes in three sizes (28×28 inches, 32×32 inches, 36×36 inches), so as long as you measure the air conditioner carefully and since this is a top cover only, you should have no problems in selecting the perfect fit.

Window Unit AC Cover

window sc unit covered with av diver design for window models

There is a reason the window air conditioner is one of the most common types of AC – quick and easy to install, convenient and often the best option on a budget. There are however a few drawbacks, most annoyingly cold drafts in the winter. A durable and well-fitting cover can not only protect your unit from rain and snow which can lead to corrosion, but also stop dust, dirt and winter air getting into your home.

The Sturdy Covers Window Unit Defender is an excellent choice, once you don’t need the AC working with winter approaching. A heavy-duty waterproof 600D polyester construction with two adjustable straps to keep it in place regardless of the weather, the cover is available in three sizes, to fit most standard-size window units. This window unit defender will keep you comfortable in the winter and will prolong the life of your air conditioner.

Available sizes:

  • 15H x 21W x 16D
  • 17H x 25W x 21D
  • 19H x 27W x 25D

Woven Polyester Air Conditioner Cover

central entrance air conditioner cover

Protecting your air conditioner in the winter doesn’t have to be an ugly affair and a makeshift cover from an old tarp and some bungee cords will not look – or work – very well. The Jeacent Central Air Conditioner Cover on the other side is a 100% woven polyester fabric in a beautiful chocolate color, that will protect the AC unit from dirt, rain and sun.

A quick reminder: this type of full cover cannot be left on the unit once it is turned on. It is however really easy to put on and take off, thanks to an elastic hem around the bottom, simple click-close straps and a Velcro closed slit on the side, to allow for the tubes and wires. A nice touch is that the mesh vents double as hidden padded handles – not only do they keep moisture from getting trapped inside the cover, but make removal a breeze.

Available sizes:

  • 24″L x 24″W x 22″H
  • 24″L x 24″W x 30″H
  • 26″L x 26″W x 32″H
  • 32″L x 32″W x 36″H
  • 34″L x 34″W x 30″H
  • 36″L x 36″W x 32″H

Extra large Rectangular Air Conditioner Cover

xl air conditioner cover

A no nonsense product for a large air conditioner, the Extra-large Rectangular Air Conditioner Cover by Formosa Covers will look as good as new when you pull it off and store it away in the spring, when it’s time to turn the AC back on. And more importantly, the unit itself will work as new.

The heavy-duty polyester is ready to take on the elements – be it snow, rain, hail, wind, debris or birds – and keep you air conditioner in top shape. It is also heavier than most people expect, so keep in mind when handling it but rest assured that the extra weight will keep the cover even more securely on.

It’s often very hard to find a well-fitting cover for especially large units, but the Formosa cover is guaranteed to keep you happy and carefree. Don’t take our word for it, there are plenty of satisfied customers to confirm.

Available sizes:

  • 34″L x 34″W x 30″H
  • 38″L x 36″W x 38″H

Custom Air Conditioner Cover

ac cover with custom sizes

In case you simply cannot find the right cover for your air conditioner, the best option is to get one custom made. And thanks to AC Covers, ordering the perfect cover is easier than expected. All you have to do is provide the manufacturer and model number of the unit, which you can find on the information plate. Oh, and choose one of 8 colors.

You will get a custom crafted air conditioner cover from highly durable outdoor graded vinyl and just in case, it comes with a three-year satisfaction guarantee. No mold and no fading, plus UV protection for years to come.

Note that the AC Covers products do not reach the bottom of the unit in order to prevent trapped moisture but still stay safely on, thanks to the perfect fit and clever design. Orders arrive quickly, customer service is top-notch and covers are worth the price. And they definitely look good.

Buyers Guide

How to winterize an air conditioner?

In the long summer days and nights your trusted air conditioner keeps you cool and comfortable, working away in the background, pretty much ignored but definitely appreciated. Let’s be honest, we only notice our AC units if they stop working. And in the winter we pay them even less attention but the truth is, as sturdy as your air conditioner is, it still needs protection in order to work as long as possible. In order to winterize it, select the optimal cover depending on your climate and make sure your AC unit – and therefore your home or workplace – is protected.

Should you cover your air conditioner?

Many people prefer not to cover their air conditioner or simply don’t think about it but if you live in a climate with distinct seasons, you might want to think about protecting the unit. Maintenance in the spring is very important and your job will be so much easier if the air conditioner is in good shape, without any damage or debris. In case you think throwing any old tarp or a DIY cover on will do the trick, think again – sometimes a makeshift solution will do more harm than good. Most of these homemade covers will not be breathable and water might get trapped inside, causing mold and mildew to grow.

Should I cover my air conditioner in winter?

Often people don’t cover their air conditioners in the winter, thinking that since the unit can withstand rain and snow, it can take anything bad weather can throw at it. Unfortunately, this is not necessarily the case. Fluctuating temperature means water melting and freezing again which can ruin the condenser coils and falling icicles can seriously damage the AC unit so keep an eye on the forecast.

ac covered with snow during winter

Of course, depending on where you live, you might not even remember what winter is. In that case, your air conditioner is probably working overtime to keep you nice and cool, lucky you.

What materials and features to look for?

When selecting a cover for your air conditioner, always look for a few key features that will guarantee your unit is really protected, especially against moisture. Instead of placing your trust in the so-called “waterproof” covers that will most likely trap water and lead to all sorts of damage, look for water-resistant, breathable and durable materials which allow air to circulate and condensation to evaporate. The best fabric covers will have mesh vents to improve ventilation, adjustable straps to keep the cover securely in place and Velcro slits to fit around hoses and wires.

How to measure your air conditioner for the right cover?

Before you purchase a cover, make sure you have measured your air conditioner properly – there’s no point in getting something that won’t fit.

Buying the right cover means not only selecting the type that best fits your climate, but also measuring accurately and getting the most appropriate size.

measuring instructions

For width measure left to right (across the front of the unit), for depth measure back to front and for height from the bottom to the top.

Round up to the nearest inch if you must but keep in mind, if for some reason you can’t find a cover with the perfect dimensions, you should get one that is slightly larger or a custom made order.

Should I run my AC with a cover on top?

Depending on the location some air conditioners should be covered in fall and winter, others only for severe storms (especially if there is no actual fall or winter where you live). Keep in mind that some types of covers can be left on while the unit is running but others have to be used only when the AC is not working.

air conditioner cover with mesh guard on top
AC with guard mesh on top

For example, if you are using a full cover on your outdoor air conditioner or an armor top cover, you cannot leave it on while the machine is switched on. But if yours is a mesh top cover, it can be safely left on.

What type of cover should I buy?

The type of cover you should get depends on your needs and the type of air conditioner you have.

If yours is a window-mounted or a wall AC unit, keep in mind these are not as sturdy as the outdoor kind and could use an indoor cover, which prevents dust and dirt damaging the unit and keeps drafts at a minimum during the winter.

For an outdoor air conditioner, you can get a full cover or just a top cover (which can be a mesh or an armor cover). These are pretty much what it says on the tin – the full cover completely envelops the unit, while the top protects from falling debris, leaves and the like.

Should I cover my air conditioner during fall?

Covering your air conditioner in the fall is equally as important, if not more, than protecting it in the winter, since it is not only the weather you need to worry about – leaves, debris and rodents can damage the unit while it is not working.

air conditioner covered with leaves during fall
Sometimes leaves and other debris can enter the AC system from the top.

Leaves can and most likely will gather around and inside the air conditioner and that can trap moisture, which leads to corrosion and mold. Also, once temperatures drop, small animals start looking for warm and sheltered places to make their home and any wiring or other parts they can chew on. You might not even realize you have new tenants before you try to switch the AC on… and fail.


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