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Home Safety Tips Before And After Hurricane

Home safety tips during hurricane.

Ordinary items can cause injury and damage. Anything that can fall, move, break or cause a fire is a potential hazard. Here are some tips on how to prepare and keep your property safe.

Before the hurricane

  • Fasten shelves securely or take them down
  • Place large heavy object on lower shelves
  • Move wall-hung picture and mirror away for beads
  • Brace overhead light fixtures and unplug small appliances
  • Secure outdoor objects and bring them inside
  • Take down awnings
  • Turn off gas bottles at tanks and or shut off fuel lines
  • Moor boats securely

During the hurricane

  • Turn off electricity at the breakers, but leave on the power to one light so you’ll know when the power cones back on. If you get structural damage turn off the breaker as well
  • Protect windows with shutters or anchored plywood
  • Keep battery powered radio ad flashlight with you
  • Keep away from windows and doors
  • Fill tub with water to augment supply
  • Get to a center location of the house. A closet or bathroom is a food place to seek cover. Take something with you to protect your head from debris.

After the hurricane

  • Avoid downed or danger power lines.
  • Avoid metal fences. They may be “live” from downed power line. Be especially careful when cutting or cleaning falls trees; they may have taken power lines with them.
  • Watch for animals such as snakes and insects that have been driven to higher grounds by floods.
  • Report broken sewer lines to utility departments.
  • Check for leak gas lines. Don’t strike a match until you are sure there are no breaks in lines. Even then, the Red Cross advises against open flame indoors.\
  • Don’t allow children to play in flooded areas
  • In you suspect any structural damage (including damage to the roof), have an electrician inspect your home before turning on the electric breaker.