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Public Shelters for Hurricane

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If you must evacuate, it’s better to find refuge with a relative or friend than to go to a public shelter. However, if a public shelter is needed, pick one early and take a trip or two there to be familiar with theroute. Test alternative routes.

What to bring and what to expect:

  • Have enough clothing to last three days.
  • Bring important papers, telephone numbers, prescriptions and other necessities. Keep this evacuation kit with you or a family member at all times.
  • Pack pillows, sheets and something to sleep on. Inflatable mattresses are light and compact.
  • Have a flashlight and spare batteries for each person, and bring books, quiet games and activities.
  • If you bring a radio, CD or tape player, have earphones. It’s courteous.
  • If you have special diet needs, bring those foods.
  • Guns, alcohol or pets are prohibited at public shelters.
  • You will be placed in hallways away from windows. Officials calculate 10 square feet of space per person as a shelter’s capacity.
  • You will have food, likely school cafeteria food. If the electricity goes off, it may be cold food.
  • No smoking is allowed in a shelter or on any school property.
  • No one is allowed back into evacuated areas until roads are clear of debris, flooding and downed power lines.